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admin On January - 3 - 2014

Not that long ago, I wrote a post about how people could make a living while traveling abroad. While this is one of the questions I’m often asked by people I meet, a lot of people also wonder what I think is one of the most important things every serious travel blogger needs to take with them. And my answer is always the same: of course, a laptop.

I’m not saying that other must-have items such as a backpack, a fist aid kit, a sense of adventure, and money don’t matter. But when you make your living writing about traveling, then a laptop isn’t a luxury, it’s an essential piece of equipment. When I was in Taiwan, taking my laptop with me let me create blog posts wherever and whenever I pleased. When I first moved to Taiwan, I remember how often I’d stay on my computer, writing posts on my first blog. Writing helped me sort out a lot of emotions those first few months away from my family and friends. It was an outlet for expressing all those new fears, joys, and self-discoveries.

It was great to have that chance to still interact with my family across the world and be able to share my stories with them. And eventually, depending on whatever internet connection I had, it meant I could find guest blogging opportunities and other freelance writing opportunities, without having to head to an internet cafe and have to wait and pay for the use of a PC.

There were times that I wanted to escape technology – I did so on several occasions and found it freeing.  But it was always nice to know that I’d have my computer waiting again when I wanted to Skype with my family, update my blog, or take on another freelance assignment.

Some travel bloggers prefer to invest in tablets, such as an iPad or a Nexus, all of which work very well abroad too. It all depends on what the blogger finds comfortable. I’m more of a laptop kind of person and I find that investing in a smaller, resilient laptop is better for me when I’m away. When I say resilient, I mean something that’s not going to break down shortly after buying it. My first few weeks in Taiwan I spilled water on my laptop keyboard, but within a few days it dried out and was usable again. Make sure you purchase something decent!

With that being said, I still often grab a pen and a pad of paper to write. I like being old-fashioned too. :) Hence the reason I don’t really like tablets or things like Kindles (I’d much rather read a real book any day).

Are you a travel blogger? Or are you thinking about becoming one? What do you prefer to use when writing on the move?

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    Blog sounds cool! Great tips. Please share more tips about travel.


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