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Guest Post by Mark Pitt

A backpacker can embark on extraordinary adventures in Thailand, and thousands of people from every corner of the earth succumb to the temptation every year. Whether you enjoy beautiful beaches, exciting nightlife, or want to experience one of the countless cultural attractions in Thailand, you will get your money’s worth while vacationing in the country.


A stay of four months is perfect to get to know all of the different facets of Thailand, whether you have to pay attention to your wallet or not. Below we will  talk about some of the places not to miss and also discuss some of the key questions to think about if you’re considering a gap year or backpacking trip to the country.

Quality of Accommodation

In recent years, the quality of accommodation in Thailand has improved markedly. Though this brought even higher prices, by international standards, there are still many cheap accommodation options available in Thailand. If you need to pay attention to your budget, there also are many hostels available. Another option is a guest house – which can be nicer and more intimate than a hostel but less pricey than a hotel. I really liked the Papa Crab in Phuket, which has a great rate during the off-season. At the top end of the price range is the Six Senses Samui – a five-star spa hotel that impresses with its stunning island location.


The beaches

One of the main attractions for a visit to Thailand are the fantastic beaches. In the south of the island, there are an infinite number of beaches so beautiful that you can’t go wrong with choosing any of them. Every beach has its own unique charm. Patong Beach in Phuket is probably one of the most popular beaches in the country, as it is in close proximity to many hotels, bars and restaurants. If you lust after a busy, vibrant beach experience, this is the right choice.

patong beach thailand

An alternative that backpackers especially like is the White Sand Beach in Koh Chang. Usually it is a little quieter here and has a fantastic view.

Opportunities for adventure and event holidays

Thailand is the perfect place for adventure seekers. A popular place for adventure travel is Chiang Mai, where you can head off on ancient elephant trails, whitewater rafting or kayaking on a tour. For those willing to spend a little more money, there are opportunities to participate in exploration trips, where one can spend the night outside on the Siam River, in the mountains or in the pursuit of elephant tracks. A trip of this kind can be a rewarding experience because you get to explore unspoiled parts of the country.

The restaurants

Food is an essential part of the Thai culture and if one explores the country, it is equally important to discover many culinary delights. Spend time with locals to find the best places. One of the most spectacular dining options in Thailand can be found at the Six Senses Samui, also called Dining on the Rocks. There is a six course menu that is prepared with exquisite ingredients and served by renowned chefs. Guests sit on bamboo structures located above a lake.

If you can cook for yourself and are open to trying Thai food, you should definitely check out some of the markets. Talat Thanin has the reputation of providing an excellent range of food items – from meats, to fruits and vegetables, to ready prepared meals.

thai food

This is just a glimpse of all the amazing things you might see as a backpacker in Thailand. Every town and village holds its own secrets.  If you’re looking for excellent value flights to Thailand, check out momondo’s website and app where you can get price alerts!


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  1. Rachel says:

    A place where everyone should take a visit at least once in their lifetime.. Thailand.
    no matter how dangerous they say it is. :)

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