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admin On June - 21 - 2011

Over the weekend my friend 林加洲 (Joe) and I hopped into his car and drove 2 hours to Zhushan township. On a mission to explore the famous Sun Link Sea (杉林溪) scenic area, we had no clue we’d face hours of traffic; cars bumper to bumper moving up the mountainside like turtles. Despite this inconvenience, we had an amazing trip.

As I’ve mentioned many other times, Taiwan never fails to surprise me with its magical, secreted away treasures. Sun Link Sea is definitely one of the best. The first thing that caught my eye on the climb up the mountain…the otherworldly bamboo forests forming a towering green canopy over our heads.

bamboo forest taiwan

Instantly I became lost in the fairy-tale like atmosphere.  To my delight I spotted street signs warning of elves, though I suspect the Chinese translation does not necessarily mean those enchanting creatures I love so much.

chinese street signs

We bypassed the horde of cars and climbed higher towards our destination.  Thick clouds and trails of fog began to drift in and over the edge of the mountainside, making me a little nervous; it reminded me of those winter white-outs back in Chicago.  Then I pretended I’d entered a section of Heaven and succumbed to the beauty of the moment.

Shortly after we entered the park and found a place for the car, I discovered a mermaid! (And I really need a tan!)

statues of mermaids

We started the hike towards the famous waterfall.  On the way, one of my darling insect friends made an appearance…(at least it wasn’t a spider!)

weird bugs taiwan

After we stopped at a little restaurant where we ate ice cream and a local family semi-freaked out over my presence (the parents tried to make their children talk to the foreigner) we came upon the most glorious place.  The winding paths leading up to the waterfall were like something out of a dream.

taiwan waterfall

waterfall in asia

Joe and the waterfall!

waterfal sun link sea

When we could finally tear ourselves away from the waterfall, we hiked up another trail which led us to the “Eyes of Heaven and Earth,” a unique rock formation.

heaven and earth

caves in taiwan

We spent awhile longer listening to the frogs and enjoying the fresh air before we headed back to the parking lot.  Just as we approached the car, the clouds burst open and unleashed monsoon-like rain. And the turtles came back—the journey down the mountainside took about two hours. Here’s a view as we made our descent…

taiwan rain storms

Such a bewitching piece of Taiwan.  I’ll add it to the list of must-sees in this country!

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